Back to the beginning (Terug bij af)

Back to the beginning is an animation about Alzheimer’s. It is the videoclip to  song written and performed by comedian Arno van der Heijden, inspired by his parent’s dementia.
Dad: “Did tomorrows newspaper arrive?”
Mom: “No, that will be tomorrow, I think…”
Arno, young and immortal, vowed to stay with them till the end.
“know I will be holding your hand the moment you disappear”
In reality it turned out to be harder than he thought.

Arno, who I have known since I was a child asked me to make an animation about Alzheimer’s for his show. I’m very moved by the song wherein Arno promises to stay close to his father while he slowly disappears. The animation plays on the concept of the ‘tabula rasa’ The idea we are al a blank sheet when we are born. Alzheimer’s erases the life we had, that was written on that paper. But vague traces remain. A word, a look, a melody. In the animation the same happens, until by the end the sheet is empty again.

Unfortunately, due to covid the show has not been performed yet. Hopefully, in 2022 it will hit the theaters.