Giphy stickers and animated gifs

Gifs and gif Stickers make me ultimately happy. And a lot of other people too! My gifs have been used over 10 billion times by now. They’re al on my giphy page: or just type in juliavelmanc in your instagram sticker finder and use them right away! A lot of my characters are based on the stories I make for my webcomics.

according to Medium:

People use stickers because texts can be boring and they sometimes fail to carry the exact meaning of what we’re feeling at the moment. A sticker adds flavor to the conversation. IRL, for example, you can communicate sass and confidence with a gesture or intonation. On messengers, a bossy cat with sunglasses will do it for you. Stickers make communication more personal. Images help get the vibe and feel your emotional state more deeply. When there are not enough words to describe a complex feeling or an ambiguous emotion, send an image.

Sometimes we want to share our thoughts or emotions immediately, but there is neither the time nor patience to type a lengthy message. And if you are in a hurry commuting or doing groceries, this task becomes impossible. It is easier to share emotions with a picture than to describe your emotional state typing words. For example, when my friends are waiting for me and I’m still not ready to go out, I can send them a “Nearly ready” cute pic without distracting.

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