Hi! I’m Julia Veldman C, I make animation, illustration and I’m a storyteller working on  commissions and self initiated projects.

What do I do?

I specialize in hand drawn 2d animation. I used my unique style for clients such as The New York Times, Cartuna, KRO NCRV, Omroep max,  The school of life and Yale .

What do I share?

In my daily life I like to draw webcomics about the human condition. Small things like how Weightlifting coaches pull their athlete’s ears before they go on the podium. Or I make animated gifs, that you can use in your stories. You can follow my instagram account for regular updates.

I’m currently developing several independent film projects.

One of them is A short animated film on why I have such a hard time saying goodbye to people. It is very personal and entertaining. Hopefully, I can share more on them soon.

Work with me?

Meanwhile, please send me an email or message for commissions, I can help you with animations and illustrations from beginning to end. From writing scripts, visualizing concepts to editing the final result.

To do that I have network of creatives that can provide additional elements to an animation such as music and sound effects.

I love to find out what a client needs, challenge myself and create fresh and entertaining visuals. Translating complex subject matter into comprehensible stories.